Commitment towards the success of your project is our priority. We present a selection of styles and research management services including publications in an applied and collaborative manner.

The Journal of Halal Studies

Conceptualisation and preliminary management of the pioneer journal dedicated for Halal studies in theory and practices, across the Muslim majority and minority geographies until 2021. JHS publishes articles which are: based on quantitative or qualitative empirical work, conceptual, theory driven, literature reviews, case studies, book reviews, executive interviews, and thought pieces - without preference biannually.


International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Legal Medicine

Editorial work of selected articles from 2018 - 2022 for the dissemination of scientific literature in the medico-legal , toxicology , forensic sciences , forensic medicine, crime scene investigation and other related scientific fields. To enhance research and writing of scientific articles and experiences.


RIPHEN Proceedings

Editorial and preface writeups of the symposium proceedings from member contributions.


Academic Books

Editorial work on three scientific books by health sciences postgraduates on the use of natural products for the benefit of man.

Link 1 - Candidiasis treatment

Link 2 - Efficacy of Sireh

Link 3  -Natural Anti-Larvae

Research Projects Networks & Coordination


Hosting and facilitating programs for research proposals and grants

RIPHEN Malaysia Network

Created for the research and innovation of private higher education network based at Management and Science University Malaysia.

Link 1

Link 2

MigWHealth Network

The migrant workers health research network conceptualised in 2015 and established in 2017 until 2022.


Research Colloquiums



Link  1 

Link 2

Other Work & Services


The Malaysia Association of Research Managers and Administrators - Symposiums



The research and innovation ecosystem development and management


The Writers Hub

Motivational quotes. An inspiration, motivation to greater & better writing and self.


Research Inspired

A newsletter on linkedin. Simply sharing about research; the inspiration driving creativity.


Food & Catering

Specialised on demand caterer for traditional North Indian and Asian selections.

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Reporting with data analytics

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